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Attribution Ledger

Exploring the Future of Content

Project Information

Attribution Ledger

Thanks to the Internet and modern production tools, content is created and consumed at unprecedented rates. While digital service providers profit, creators have difficulty sharing and monetizing the content they produce. Unfortunately, attribution can be removed from their work and distributed online without their knowledge or rightful compensation.

At Prescient, we’re solving the problem by developing an Attribution Ledger using Blockchain and Machine Learning. It will reliably and accurately connect a creative work with its lawful creator and rights owner. Moreover, it has the potential to include audiences in the compensation through microlicensing and peer to peer sales.

Why It Matters

For Creators

Today, most digital content distribution services operate on trust. These services accept a user’s claim to ownership. The problem is that users sometimes do not rightfully own it. When this happens, creators lose credit for their work and the right to be paid fairly for its use. As Blockchain technology develops, we may see an increase in plagiarized content.

The Attribution Ledger plays a critical role in addressing this issue. By linking the right creators to the right content, creators can accurately track how and when their works are used and ensure compensation.

How Are We Building It

Our Approach

Create and assign a unique digital fingerprint to a creative work

Automated scans will identify iterations of a work

Consensus mechanisms using cryptography and behavioral economics will attribute a work to its lawful creator

Dispute resolution mechanisms for managing conflicts

Our Current Plan

The Roadmap

The Attribution Ledger journey

Define lab and product strategy

Engage technology partners and creative industry partners

Initiate development of the Attribution Ledger

Attribution Ledger Alpha release

Attribution Ledger Beta release