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Who We Are

Prescient is a creator-focused innovation lab exploring the future of rights management and content monetization.

We exist to ensure creators are fairly-paid for the use of their work and users get access to trusted content. We believe the exchange of value generated by content should be transparent. We are using exponential technologies, like Blockchain and Machine Learning, to build dynamic ecosystems that enable novel business models that reimagine content interactions.

How Do We Work?

Our Guiding Principles

A new ecosystem, powered by exponential technologies like Blockchain and Machine Learning, is emerging that will evolve the way content creators, publishers and audiences engage with content. Prescient is making this happen by:

Putting the needs of the creator and rightsholder first

Driving innovation from deep and unconventional insights about content creators and consumers

Exploring beyond traditional practices to identify new, profitable business models for creators and audiences

Nurturing relationships with existing and new partners to accelerate innovation through collaboration

What Are We Building?

Our Projects

At Prescient, we’re solving the attribution problem by developing an Attribution Ledger using Blockchain and Machine Learning. It will reliably and accurately connect a creative work with its lawful creator and rights owner.

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The Blog


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Prescient in the News: February 2019
Roanie Levy recently spoke with Publishing Perspective’s Porter Anderson about our work. Blockchain in Publishing: Modeling the Future at Canada’s Access Copyright explains our journey so far and what we believe blockchain holds for creators and publishers moving forward.
Reflections on TALL eXchange 2K18
Last week, Prescient and Access Copyright presented a Blockchain 101 seminar to the Toronto Association of Law Libraries. The association’s goal is to provide a forum for legal information professionals to “exchange ideas and promote professional development.” As someone with a librarian background, I was looking forward to discussing what blockchain technology means for the profession.
Five Questions about Blockchain for Rightsholders
Many people have heard something about blockchain, but it can seem like only a few really know what it’s about or how it works. That’s understandable. It’s also likely the reason more than 200 people registered within 48 hours for a webinar we hosted earlier this week called Blockchain 101 for Rightsholders: The Promise of Web 4.0.

Guiding Innovation

Our Advisors

Ana Serrano
Bernard Elharrar
Kevin Armstrong
Kelly Duffin
Grant McConnell


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