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Who We Are.

Prescient is a creator-focused innovation lab dedicated to exploring the future of rights management and content monetization.

We are one of the few organizations globally focused on exploring blockchain and exponential technologies from the creator’s perspective.

We’re doing this by:



Putting the needs of the creators and rights holders first



Driving innovation with deep and unconventional insights about content, creators and audiences



Identifying new, profitable business models for creators and audiences



Accelerating innovation through partnership building


Our Projects.

At Prescient, we’re solving the attribution problem by developing an Attribution Ledger using blockchain and machine learning. It will reliably and accurately connect a creative work with its lawful creator and rights owner.

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Access Copyright & Prescient Shortlisted for Two Enterprise Blockchain Awards

The Blockchain Research Institute’s inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBA) will recognize, “the foremost thinkers, leaders, and builders in blockchain technology.”* Access Copyright and its innovation lab, Prescient, are finalists in two categories….


Shaping the Future of Information Science with Blockchain: Are You Ready?

Years ago, I conducted interviews with academic librarians across Canada as part of a research project. In conversation with one librarian, I asked about her greatest challenge. “It’s less about quality content and more about how you got there,” she replied with resignation. She explained that most students used Google for research rather than the library’s quality resources, which are more difficult to use. 


Prescient in the News: February 2019

Roanie Levy recently spoke with Publishing Perspective’s Porter Anderson about our work. Blockchain in Publishing: Modeling the Future at Canada’s Access Copyright explains our journey so far and what we believe blockchain holds for creators and publishers moving forward.


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Let’s Build The Future Together.

The Attribution Ledger will return control to creators by making a verifiable connection between creators and their content on digital services, ensuring compensation goes to the right person.

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Blockchain Revolution Global

Roanie Levy will be on the Reinventing Intellectual Property, facilitated by Don Tapscott.

Blockchain 101 for Visual Artists: Future of Rights Management and the Promise of Web 3.0

This seminar, jointly organized by CARFAC Ontario, Access Copyright and its innovation lab, Prescient, will address blockchain’s potential for visual artists. Learn what blockchain is, how it works, and what it means for you…

Blockchain 101 for Rightsholders: The promise of Web 3.0

This online seminar will address this new technology’s potential for the creative sector. Learn what blockchain is, how it works, and what it means for you….


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